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Ramla’s projects – An audit of its website promises

Ramla’s projects is a reformulation of Ramla Akhtar’s so-called consultancy firm “NEXT>by Ramla”. Subsequently, for unknown reasons, it was renamed under “Rmala’s projects” . The “owner” of this entity calls herself Ramla Akhtar, Rmala Aalam, Ramla al’Aalam, Rmala Aalam or Ramala al’Aalam. While public donations are solicited, this permanent shift in the names introduces a questioning lack of transparency. A review of Ramla’s projects website shows internal contradictions, which makes it non trustable. Extra information evidences a scam.
Ramla'sproject flower. / site/ramlasprojects/


No tangible project is presented. Only vague, general and unsupported words are shown such as know-how, community, arts, nutrition, ecology. As a matter of evidence, there was and there is no projects.

Partner projects

Just one partner is mentioned it is The Olive Society where Ramla Akhtar plays no role and where “Ramla’s projects” are not mentioned.


Note the “we”, as if there was a team not just a single person:

Ramla's projects, needs
From Ramla Akhtar’s website

Our Projects need a great deal of help, support, structure and cooperation in order to proceed. We have the spirit and the soul, the ability to reach connect and communicate, but we lack adequate funds and stuff in order to proceed. Also, we operate in areas (of interests, and geography) where we face either a lot of resistance, or nothing. We are working with hollows and emptiness to get something substantial going. That requires a lot or resources and work. 
On this page, we will share some of our needs which we hope will be fulfilled by one source or another, using this means or that by our followers (those who keep an eye on us) and supporters and companions.

Ramla’s projects website – Our needs


Here is, may be, a key point:

The ProjectS are currently the efforts of one individual, Ramla al’Aalam, mother of a little child, writer, worker/bee, traveler, and recovering from spinal and brain damage. 

Ramla’s projects website – give

Ramla’s Projects is currently legally an unregistered, personal project. All funds are collected by the individual legally named Ramla Akhtar (w/o Aalam), in her bank account

Ramla’s projects website – give

Note that the “WE” became a single persone (Ramla al’Aalam). The projectS became aPERSONAL project” with no legal existence.


The tale.

We operate on a tribal model of working—a model of our own making that we constantly improve. 
The TRIBAL LEADER of this cause is Ramla al’Aalam.

Ramla’s projects website – About

Ramla is the founder and ‘tribal chief’ (currently with a very dispersed tribe around the world!) of RAMLA’S PROJECTS.

Ramla’s projects website – About – About Ramla

There is actually no tribe and, of course, no very dispersed tribe around the world belonging to “Ramla’s projects”. This is false information, if not forgery.

Akhtar says she a tribal leader. She has no “tribe”. She is not a leader either. On her Twitter profile, she presents herself has a hermit.

Ramla is the founder and 'tribal chief' (currently with a very dispersed tribe around the world!) of RAMLA'S PROJECTS.

“Hermit-in-moutains” is, also, not true. As she says on the website:

She is currently ‘laying over’ in Islamabad until moving forward with her child. 

Ramla’s projects website – About – About Ramla

The reasons why “Rmala Al’Aalam” is in Islamabad is because she had to flee the mountain area, in the middle of 2020, after the local “tribes” were outraged by the pornographic conspiracy theories she charged them with, after her clashes with local people (even physical fights with elderly people), after her repeated hate speech against residents and foreign visitors, after the revelations about her child maltreatment.


Ramla’s Projects (registration pending, July 2021) <- since 2015
Current base:
Islamabad, Pakistan
Email: <@>

Facebook: / ramlasprojects

Maps presenting different locations that Ramla Akhtar pretends being “Ramla’s Projects“, “the efforts of one individual”.

Maps presenting different locations that Ramla Akhtar pretends being "Ramla's Projects", "the efforts of one individual".

Ramla’s project logo

Ramla's project logo

Ramla’s Projects on Pinterest

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