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Rmala’s Projects, a Pakistani scam ?

Rmala's Projects, Ramla's Projects Pakistani scam
Ramla’s Projects, also said Rmala’s Projects, is connected with Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, aka Rmala al’Aalam, etc. who claims being involved in the support of a sustainable development in Pakistan northern high valleys. It is, actually, a fake charitable NGO, with an illegal status, using false communication, appropriating the achievements of other organisations, non complying with public generosity appeal requirements, working according to an anti-transparency scheme, involved in criminal activities. Ramla’s Project is a scam.

Fake charitable NGO

Actually an individual small commercial business selling its services.

Illegal status

Still not legally registered since 2015

False communication

Claims being part of numerous projects, which do not exist. Claims being a group of people all over the world, while being just a one person entity.

Appropriation of achievements from other organisations

Social actions, completed by other organisations, claimed by Ramla’s Projects as own achievements.

Noncompliance with public generosity appeal requirements

Confusion between personal account and projects account. No financial reporting. Conflict of interest.

Anti-transparency scheme

Numerous aliases, numerous fake social media accounts

Criminal activities

Child abuse, hate speech, defamation, harassment in a pack, impersonation, blackmail, calumnious denunciations, Islamist propaganda, false testimonies, physical violence against elderlies, minority persecution, apology of racism and xenophobia, illegal practice of medicine.

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Rmala’s Projects, Facebook debunking group
Social entrepreneurship and support to local based development projects

Access to: Rmala’s Projects, sustainable development in #Gojal and #Hunza, #Pakistan

Rmala’s Projects in Pinterest

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