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Rmala Aalam from Rmala’s Projects, interview with one of her victims

Rmala's Projects, Rmala's Projects Elephant
The following article might look written into excessive terms. However, it is a strong indication on how far Rmala Aalam, from Rmala’s projects, dishonest behavior can bring people. Although we would chose another vocabulary, we thanks M. Bernard Grua, from Nantes, France, for this interview and for his detailed answers. We could not believed what we heard. But he has been able to provide us with all the relevant evidences and documentation.

Ramla’s projects auditor: can you briefly present your experience with Rmala Alam ?

Bernard Grua: the brown Pakistani scum bag, the child abuser, the tormentor of Wakhi minority and the harasser of Chapursan families, Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, sent 15.2 K tweets (including 1,757 against, me, @BernardGrua). Yes, more than 15 thousands tweets with her account @GruaAbuseArkive. And she has only 175 followers. Unbelievable! However, this is true, because this whore only posts garbage and slanders the interlocutor who does not lick her foul smelling brown ass. Her account stinks shit, too. It does not attract interesting people.

Just another freak, Jamshed Mahmood Raza (Jami), @azadjami1 who wants to unroll the whore in his fight interacts. Jami says he was raped by his boss. This is apparently a common practise in his country. Now, he needs rape victims, even false victims, like Akhtar, to join his troops. Actually what they have in common is their detestation for the populations of northern Pakistan.

Ramla’s projects auditor : we heard about a new criminal Twitter account turned against your reputation for assaulting you in Nantes.

BG: the despicable bitch started a brand new account #BestInventoryPR. And, again, she posted a total garbage. She got some curious people who visited the profile, lured with a Nantes pseudo-identification. And then, they left.

They very quickly understood there was something fishy. Such aggressive and slandering posts, written in English, might be common in Pakistan, the hatred kingdom. But, in Nantes, people speak French. And, then, in France, civilized people such as my followers do not produce this kind of hideous posts. Akhtar, once again, posted garbage, and it did not work. She confused educated French people with her Pakistani environment of beheading worshipers. She ignores any “savoir-vivre”. That’s why we need to use her words, the language of the criminal slums she belongs to.

Ramla‘s projects auditor : how is Rmala Aalam attacking your family, friendly and professional network?

Stinky Akhtar, follows all my followers. She also added the French far-right, these neo-Nazis and white supremacists, my enemies, to her followed accounts… What a moral crook! Despicable Ramla Akhtar, says it took her 5 days to message all my followers.

She is proud of her (very low) number of impressions. She simply doesn’t understand what she is talking about. Impressions do not mean anything. They just depend on the quality of the person you answer to. What is important, is the engagement. True, what engagement did the Karachi colonialist get after her huge media campaign? Almost nothing… She writes: “We understand that due to its nature many do not manifest their engagement w Likes/RTs.” Yep, sure! What a stupid brown jackass who believes it is possible to cheat upper class French people like Tehreek-e-Labbaik primitive beheaders

Ramla‘s projects auditor : in what sense Rmala Aalam misinterprets French society?

BG: there is something cruel. Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, the prank, has ZERO followers. The two accounts she shows as followers (@GruaAbuseArkive, @CopingWithCOVID) are just her other personal crap accounts. To be honest, she got three followers “stolen” from me. I just had to tell them #BestInventoryPR was a Pakistani impersonating account, they ran away. Akhtar is so ignorant and she is so stupid. I already told her it was too late to abuse French open mind. French kindness always has compassion for third-world populations. This is our Judaeo-Christian background. But for Pakistan, it is gone.

We had these Islamist murders wave in Autumn 2020. France did not forget. For French people,Pakistan just means terrorism, beard men, beheadings, forced conversions, rapes, pedophilia, assassinations, illiteracy and child maltreatment. Now, French people vomit this country. Regarding the Far Right supremacists Rmala Aalam tries to flirt with, they just hate Pakistanis, Muslims, brown and black people. She has no chance at all. I am one of the very few French people who knows that not everybody is bad in Pakistan. There are some good people, the ones Rmala Aalam torments and wants to enslave, like the true brown colonialist she is, from Karachi, Faisalabad or other shit hole.

Ramla‘s projects auditor : can you tell us more about Rmala Aalam’s social media audience ?

BG: in 5 days #BestInventoryPR (Rmala’s malevolent account) got 11 engagements, with 61 tweets.

This is a complete trash like other Rmala Alam’s Twitter accounts: same garbage, same result. In 2 days @BestInventory (the company account) got 71 engagements with only 19 tweets.

This a 373% productivity versus a 18% for the scum bag. @BestInventory has 7 actual followers, versus zero for Rmala Aalam criminal account.

However, these bad figures should not provide us with a false comfort. Rmala Aalam radical deadly propaganda can reach a freak extremist who will decide to kill Rmala Aalam’s victim. France learned it on the hard way.

Ramla‘s projects auditor: how will this case end ?

BG: Rmala Aalam entered into a game where she wants to destroy me. When she writes #CancelBernardGrua, she means #KillBernardGrua. I understand, that one of us will not survive her despicable war. I will make sure, it is not me. She should mind seriously the Formal Demand Notice I sent her. It is still time to stop her madness, or I will pursue her goal and apply her methods. After the deadline, it will be too late.

Rmala’s Projects images

Rmala’s Projects cover on Facebook

Rmala’s Projects cover on Facebook, Ramla's Projects, Ramla Akhtar, Ramla Aalam
Picture from Facebook group: Rmala’s Projects – Speed Development in These Times of Collapse & Emergence

Rmala’s Projects profile image on Facebook

Rmala’s Projects profile image on Facebook, Ramla's Projects, Ramla Akhtar, Ramla Aalam
Picture from Facebook group: Rmala’s Projects – Speed Development in These Times of Collapse & Emergence

Rmala’s Projects and @BestInventoryPR on Pinterest

Rmala’s Projects on Pinterest

@BestInventoryPR on Pinterest

8 thoughts on “Rmala Aalam from Rmala’s Projects, interview with one of her victims

  1. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. Is that a fine upper class elite Frenchbag seen shutting his non-existent pants? I guessed as much. Over in our place it is said that those who call themselves elite and upper class as actually wannabe upstarts, peasants who got a chance.

    The sailor in you speaks, and speaks much. P.S. when I follow French accounts I see disturbing riots and madness all around, and calls to end femicide in France. Looks like you folks have a problem. (Impressions means that tweet appeared on someone’s timeline and likely got read too. People have clicked and send the media. And that’s not Pakistani people. So good luck, gasbag. Interviewing yourself like a madman.

    P.P.S. guess what? I messaged none of your followers. Or they would have told you. Ain’t stopping that low nor gonna tire myself. I left it to you to bark to your followers and thanks to you they will read my account. Fuck off pedo-supoorting terrorist. Ciao.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks to Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, from Rmala’s Projects, aka Ramla’s Projects, for her long comment. Comments are always of great help for enhancing the SEO of a website and of an article. She can, of course, feel free to comment all other articles. Comments we will by turned into immediate publication without any prior review.
      Nobody here has anything against Pakistani people as a whole. Just criminal people from this country are under fire.
      So, Ramla Akhar pretends she did not contact any of my Twitter followers. So what? Who can believe such a whore who accuses people of pedophilia, Nazism, leftism, colonialism, murders, blasphemy, without the beginning of any evidence? If a fool pays attention to her denials, how the embedded Twitter post presented here again can be explained?

      Was this false statement done just for stalking purposes? It could be. Actually, who cares?


    1. Thanks again to Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, from Rmala’s Projects, aka Ramla’s Projects, for her comment. There was never any threat for beheading her. But her confusion is forgiven, because she finds her followers in a dark Pakistani sphere, where law of Lynch and beheading are a permanent obsession. This is their libido. Ramla Akhtar refers to the cover of an article.

      The article was written to explained how her defamatory impersonation of Pamir Serai will be countered. How her campaign for depriving a mountain family from its livelihood will be opposed: Pamir Serai guesthouses, a numerical fortress in progress. At this time, April 2020, nobody could ever think about beheading, not from French side and likely not from Ramla Akhtar’s side. This toxic person got her inspiration for this deceptive presentation in Autumn 2020 when Islamist murders happened in France, actually 6 months after the publication. She likely does not believe in such a crap. This is just for stalking and harassment in a pack purpose.

      The true meaning of this cover was to express that Ramla Akhtar’s calumnies will be flushed like garbage by Chapursan River.

      This is what happened, indeed. Ramla Akhtar’s impersonating and defaming website is buried at the bottom of Google search results. The new website for Pamir Serai works perfectly and is unanimously celebrated: Pamir Serai Guest House, Chapursan Valley, Northen Pakistan.

      Even Ramla Aktar left the region. She fled Gulmit, where she lived and had a dilapidated cabinet she called her “shop”, after she beat an elderly gentleman. She moved three villages further. Then she went down even more south to a Gilgit guest house. There, she fought with everybody. She is, now, a tramp, a homeless, in Islamabad. Her last Rupees are used for ranting on internet against any target she could find, while she hates the entire world.

      Saying her interpretation is “shared all across Pakistan” is a typical illustration of her regular trash and madness. For the people of Hunza Valley, who had to endure her presence 7 years long, she is a freak.


  2. So Bernard Grua, when are you interviewing yourself next, pretending to be someone else?

    Oh wait. Is your Nazism directed at Putin at the moment, who is going to put you and your family and business through a very cold winter? Brrrr…

    P.S. The Backpacking Pakistan group has heard more about you on your posts, and seen some evidence. You have lost your pants, Grua, and our very capable lawyer and journalist teams (yes, we have one).is dissecting your case especially the very curious case of Pamir Institute. I never realized you were actually a NATO scum secretly creating an outpost in the region and rallying the locals. No wonder your crazy over reactions.

    Your activities have been reported to the institutions which care the most about such actions. I got the idea frothat silly little “ooh aah she is keeping an eye on the Wakhan corridor!”. Hmmm… Made me connect dots. The word “dissidents” was of value. Discovering Gohar’s article lamenting Pakistani culture which doesn’t let him drink and mingle with girls –another gem. Guy’s been going behind the back and for what? Alcohol and girls? Which are actually pretty common but yes, hard to be able to screw your own cousin behind the bushes in most of Pakistan because, you know, geography? And now it’s our fault?

    He doesn’t ask for ENTERPRISE and OPPORTUNITY. He misses WINE and local ass. What/ the/ actual/ heck. What a pissy little sellout.

    Well, anyway, we discovered a whole map of your activities and friends and have actually reported it INFORMALLY to people in power. A FORMAL report will skin the asses of those who joined you as well as your own.

    Oh, we WILL come after you through our attorneys and media, as well as through international travelers who will be hearing all about the racist French man who thought he was the overlord of brown people.

    You seriously need to wake up from your Nazi little racist White dream, shorties petty-pants.

    Take care,
    Le Whore.


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