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Rmala’s Projects and the beheading campaign

@BarefootRara & BestInventoryFX, some Twitter accounts of Ramlar Akhtar from Rmala’s Project is promoting a picture where she is allegedly beheaded. Since the autumn 2020 wave of Islamist murders in France, she repeatedly shares this tale to present herself as a victim. Actually the April 2020 image she refers to is an allegory of her defamation and toxic discourse being flushed from the high Chapursan Valley, thanks to its rapid river.

A Rmala’s Projects web creation designed to deprive a mountain family from its livelihood

“Rmala’s Projects” for it self-promotion made some web pages for a mountain family guesthouse. It was advertised as a website and a gift from an expert in development consultancy. It appeared to be a hatred weapon to cut the mountain family from its guests and from its source of income. We reveal the expertise expressed for this “project” resulted in a poor internet creation but in an evidence of a deceptive and malevolent talent for forgery and use of forgery.

Rmala’s Projects, a Pakistani scam ?

Ramla’s Projects, also said Rmala’s Projects, is connected with Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, aka Rmala al’Aalam, etc. who claims being involved in the support of a sustainable development in Pakistan northern high valleys. It is, actually, a fake charitable NGO, with an illegal status, using false communication, appropriating the achievements of other organisations, non complying with public generosity appeal requirements, working according to an anti-transparency scheme, involved in criminal activities. Ramla’s Project is a scam.

Ramla’s projects – An audit of its website promises

Ramla’s projects is a reformulation of Ramla Akhtar’s so-called consultancy firm “NEXT>by Ramla”. Subsequently, for unknown reasons, it was renamed under “Rmala’s projects” . The “owner” of this entity calls herself Ramla Akhtar, Rmala Aalam, Ramla al’Aalam, Rmala Aalam or Ramala al’Aalam. While public donations are sollicited, this permanent shif in the names introduces a questioning lack a tranparency. A review of Ramla’s projects website shows internal contradictions, which make it non trustable. Extra information evidence a mystification.