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Rmala’s Projects and the beheading campaign

@BarefootRara & BestInventoryFX, some Twitter accounts of Ramlar Akhtar from Rmala’s Project is promoting a picture where she is allegedly beheaded. Since the autumn 2020 wave of Islamist murders in France, she repeatedly shares this tale to present herself as a victim. Actually the April 2020 image she refers to is an allegory of her defamation and toxic discourse being flushed from the high Chapursan Valley, thanks to its rapid river.

Rmala Aalam from Rmala’s Projects, interview with one of her victims

The following article might look written into excessive terms. However, it is a strong indication on how far Rmala Aalam’s dishonest behavior can bring people. Although we would chose another vocabulary, we thanks M. Bernard Grua for this interview and for his detailed answers.

@GruaAbuseArkive, the major impersonating dark Twitter account from Ramla’s Projects

@GruaAbuseArkive is an “anonymous” and impersonating Twitter account, connected with Rmala’s Projects. Since September 18, 2019, it is oriented towards hate speech, defamation, calumnious denunciations, blackmail, doxxing and calls for violences against western foreigners and against the Wakhi local minority living in Chapursan Valley, Northern Pakistan.