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Rmala’s Projects and the beheading campaign

Ramlar Akhtar from Rmala's Project is promoting a picture where she is allegedly beheaded. Since the autumn 2020, wave of Islamist murders in France, she repeatly shares this tale to present herself as a victim. Actually the April 2020 image she refers to was an allegory of her defamation and toxic discourse being flushed from the high Chapursan Valley, thanks to its rapid river. It was prophetic. As of July 2021, Ramla Akhtar and Rmala's Projects have not only fled, step by step, Chapursan Valey, but also Gojal, Hunza and Gilgit Batilstan. Nowadays, Akhtar stays much South, somewhere in Rawalpindi. This is a strong incitation for her retaliation and for finding scapegoats for the consequences of her wrong choices.
@BarefootRara & BestInventoryFX, some Twitter accounts of Ramlar Akhtar from Rmala’s Project is promoting a picture where she is allegedly beheaded. Since the autumn 2020 wave of Islamist murders in France, she repeatedly shares this tale to present herself as a victim. Actually the April 2020 image she refers to is an allegory of her defamation and toxic discourse being flushed from the high Chapursan Valley, thanks to its rapid river. It was prophetic. As of July 2021, Ramla Akhtar and Rmala’s Projects have not only fled, step by step, Chapursan Valey, but also Gojal and Hunza. Nowadays, Akhtar stays much South, somewhere between Gilgit and Rawalpindi. This is a strong incitation for her retaliation and for finding scapegoats for the consequences of her wrong choices.

@BarefootRara & Rmala’s Projects, a shadow over the high ChapursanValley

In May 2019 Ramla Akhtar built and shared on social media a pornographic conspiracy theory against the whole remote mountain community of Chapursan Valley. See: Report of a French traveler about the Chapursan Valley, Pakistan (3, 097 readers as of July 2021, mostly from Hunza).

In May 2015, Ramlar Akhtar designed a so-called website under Ramla’s Projects. She gave it to Pamir Serai, a family guesthouse of Zoodkhun, the last and the highest village of Chapursan Valley. In October 2019, Ramla Akhtar took back the full control of her “GIFT“. She turned it into an impersonating and defamation weapon against this family. In December 2019 by forgery and use of forgery she obtained the destruction of an alternative website which was efficiently burying her calumnies and hatred on search engines results. Read “Pamir Serai, a website, under forgery, use of forgery, defamation, stalking and impersonation attacks by a cybercriminal.

@BarefootRara, under the name of Rmala's Projects hijacked Pamir Serai guesthouse website.
Note the face of Ramla Akhtar over Chapursan Valley

A plan for cleansing Chapursan Valley from Rmala’s Projects malevolence

As a consequence, it was decided, with the volunteer help of Bernard Grua, to turn the small and remote mountain guesthouse, with almost no internet access, into a numerical fortress and to flood its numerical space for making it inaccessible to any new Ramla Project’s attack. It was done thanks to new websites design, social media strategy (Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook) SEO optimization and other best praticices. Plan of actions and first results were presented, on April 5, 2020, in an article : “Pamir Serai guesthouses, a numerical fortress in progress“.

@BarfeootRara, aka Ramla Akhtar, being flushed from chapursan Valley
Note Ramla Akhtar and “BetterBonds”, her illegal medicine business, floating down Chapursan River

The image is strong. Ramla Akhtar nuisance is flushed from Chapursan Valley by its mighty river. At this time, April 2020, nobody could ever think about beheading, not from French side and likely not from Ramla Akhtar’s side. The last one was making fun of the image until she noticed the first success of the strategy designed to contain and to roll back her malevolence. In June 2020, she decided to attack based on a common obsession of Pakistani radical Islamists, for whom beheading is an integral part of an ideology of hatred and violence they call a “religion”. Beheading teaching is even part of some Pakistani young girls education.

Does Mr. @BernardGrua plan to behead me, or what? His imagination is gruesome and wild. Which is why I’d give him the trumpish moniker “Gruesome Grua”. This man is seriously insane, and no joke.
How come he’s not notorious in@NantesMetropole?
He must be.

@GruaAbuseArkive, Jun 13, 2020, tweet #: 1271891481054400513

It is funny to see this grotesque troll clutching his pearls and screaming in my inboxes and shouting to the people of the world this his “human rights” have been trampled by the target of his malicious abuses. Says the male who has made images of my head decapitated, in a river.

@GruaAbuseArkive, Jul 23, 2020, tweet #: 1378602944350785538

Note: since october 2021, @GruaAbuseArkive is renamed @BarefootRara

@BarefootRara and her beheading tale in the context of Pakistan nursed Islamist terrorism wave in France

On October 16, 2020, Samuel Paty’s murder was a trauma for the French population. It is a fact that the Pakistani government and most of its citizens did not mourn the peaceful assassinated teacher. In the opposite Imran Khan (Pakistan Prime minister), Shireen Mazari (“Human Rights” minister) and Arif Alvi (Pakistan President) excited the domestic and international Islamist violence against France. It was the continuation of their hatred campaign which already resulted, on September 29, 2020, in a double stabbing attack in Paris, by the young Pakistani TLP follower, Zaheer Hassan Mahmood. It continued with the triple slaughtering in Nice basilica on October 29, 2020.

At the same time, on her side, Ramla Akhtar decided to contribute to the Islamist crime raging in France. Read:How a Pakistani Islamist stalker hijacked, in Nantes municipality, Samuel Paty’s stabbing for hate speech and calumnious denunciation ?” On October 6, 2020, six months after the picture publication, she staged it, again, as a call for her beheading. At this time she already moved far away from the Hunza population, which had to face her malice and toxicity during 7 years.

@FranceInPak @EmmanuelMacron
But we will now legitimize our research and proceedings against @BernardGrua, who distributed photos of my head shown as beheaded and drowning in a river, through the right authorities who have recently established offices in this remote region.

@GruaAbuseArkive, Oct 6, 2020, tweet #: 1313410684143702016

Note the “We” and “photoS” in plural mode.

@BarefootRara built the beheading tale as a retaliation fuel

The beheading tale became an integral part of Akhtar’s discourse for doxxing, defamation, calumnious denunciations, xenophobia, harassment in pack mobilisation and for her victim status. In July 2021, she opportunistically surfs on the emotion related to the assassination of Noor Mukadam, an Islamabad victim of domestic violence. For capturing followers and partners in her hatred campaign against her victims, Ramla Akhtar intends to create confusion between her own alleged status and the tragic actual fate of young lady who succumbed to Pakistan toxic misogyny.

Status as of July 27, 2021.

Pakistan is not the murder-theater for middle-aged male clowns of the world who want to enact their pent-up murder&war fantasies, anymore. I saw the photo where @bernardGrua showed me beheaded. This is fucked-up, #lynchings no longer welcome!

@GruaAbuseArkive, Feb 1, 2021, tweet #: 1356302363536068617

@PakinFrance @FranceinPak @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @visitnantes @Johanna_Rolland
For the record. There are more threats and abuses by this man, he also published an image of me beheaded.

@GruaAbuseArkive, Jul 1, 2021, tweet #: 1410473614386810880

@FranceinPak, @ICT_Police, @ForeignOfficePk, @GenEgaliteFR
That’s French citizen, Mr. @BernardGrua threatening me after I exposed a PAKISTANI as a pedophile-rapist, and Mr. Grua is his friend and supporter. At one point Mr. Grua published a photo of my beheaded head floating down Hunza river. Terrifying.

@GruaAbuseArkive, Jul 9, 2021 , tweet #: 1413359614846976002

@NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @3asseh @PoliceNat44@threadreaderapp @NoToStalkers
Both these (auditing firm and threats) are the works of one man, @BernardGrua, French auditor and ignoramus traveler who travels the world to write abusive content focused on wars. Weird, but true. This neo-Nazi is now dedicated to protecting a pedophile, harass/behead? victims.

@GruaAbuseArkive, Jul 17, 2021, tweet #: 1416515378352640001

Hi@cpcab. I believe Therapy Works (Islamabad) offers courses accredited by you, and there’s been grave negligence on their part. Someone apparently counseling with them has beheaded a woman. Where can a formal complaint be lodged, what can be done about this? Some details below.

@thoraoffbeat, Jul 21, 2021, tweet #: 1418160348083986433 RT by @GruaAbuseArkive

She’s wasn’t in the ‘bad part of town’, she was HOME. Women are not safe in their own homes, over a breakup, from their exes, who will break in, shoot, and behead them. BEHEAD THEM. In F7 Islamabad. But yes, let’s ‘debate’ the domestic violence bill. Fuckheads. #JusticeForNoor

@ZeeSalahuddin, Jul 21, 2021, tweet #: 1417772705349316610 RT by @GruaAbuseArkive

I’ve had blinding rage plenty of times in my life. Actually, I live in a state of rage as a woman in this country and this world. Never shot and beheaded someone for it.

@guldaar, Jul 21, 2021, tweet #: 1417858239471968260 RT by @GruaAbuseArkive

@RandhawaAli, @cybercrimefia, @mohrpakistan, @chapursani, @chapursan Since 2.5 years I have been writing about a pedophile-rapist tour guide @Chapursani in @Chapursan who has assaulted &raped many, many women &girls. For naming him, I am under assault from Frenchman @BernardGrua. In one of the threat images by Grua, my head floats down a river 😥.

@GruaAbuseArkive, Jul 21, 2021, tweet #: 1417810240976916482

.@BernardGrua: “Beheadings are just not a part of civilized country minds.”* Civilized country’s DNA & history:

@BestInventoryPR, Jul 21, 2021, tweet #: 1417703222282756101

@GruaAbusedAcct, @Docdiamonddon, @imrankhanPTI, @PTIofficial, @ICT_Police, @akdn
On July 19, 2021 a young woman was shot & beheaded in Islamabad by a dual-citizen male (US-Pak citizen). The exact same time, I was sharing online that
@BernardGrua 🇫🇷 has published deeply disturbing threats to me for 2.5 years, showing me decapitated, calling me ‘prostitute‘.·

@BestInventoryPR, Jul 22, 2021, tweet #: 1418111331820052481

@threadreaderapp @GruaAbusedAcct @Docdiamonddon @ICT_Police @ImranKhanPTI @akdn .
@BernardGrua, you should NOT have posted a photo of my head floating down a river. That is gruesome, despicable, and persistent with your language in which you promise dire threats and injury. Do I even know you? Nope. Let’s face the facts: You work for a rapist-pedophile.

@GruaAbuseArkive, Jul 23, 2021 , tweet #: 1418624847069032457

Your threat to behead me has been reported across Pakístan.

Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, July 26, 2021 , comment on this website.

@BarefootRara, on September 2021, presents again her beheading tale

Note: the impersonated account @BestInventoryPR was first renamed @BetterInventory. It is, now, @BestInventoryFX.

@BarefootRara comes back with beheading allegations
“What does it even means”. Answer has been already given above and, previously, in the article from which comes this image. It is an allegory of Akhtar’s forgery and defamation being flushed by Chapursan River
@BarefootRara is playing the white privilege argumentation
Again, trying to mobilize racism against French people. Not a smart move when you want French opinion to side with you
@BarefootRara says she is the new target.
Again, a profilic cyberstalker and violence promoter comparing herself with Noor, the martyr. This is a disgrace.
@BarefootRara hijacks Noor Muqaddam assassination
“I have just begun to address” This is a lie. Ramla Akhtar needed 3 months to think about what she could do with the image. But she started to use it as early as June 2020, i.e. more than one year before Noor Muqaddam’s assassination (July 20, 2021).
@BarefootRara is claiming she will be beheaded
“I could never believe that I could may be one day actually be physically attacked”. This is strange for someone who pretends that she has been a victim of violences, like rape and torture, for years… As we always said, this was blattant lies.
@BarefootRara claims she named a rapist
Me, Bernard Grua, I don’t assault such a scum bag. This is of no interest. I defend myself against her endless cyberstalking.
@barfeootRara presents an horror picture
“Christ’s sake!” This fāsiq & kafir has no religion. She just pretends being a Muslim when she can instrument Islamist hatred. BTW, this post is the one of a complete freak. How could she expect any support with such an obvious mental dereliction?

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